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Kid-Tastic is the only app showing local providers with real time availability for care.
As a Child Care Provider listed on Kid-Tastic you have Free Advertising, Access to Immediate Bookings and Payments from interested parents.

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Take 10 minutes to setup your Free Account. Parents will find you based on your Location, Availability and Offerings through the Kid-Tastic Mobile app.

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Define your available spaces per age range, day and time (1 hours brackets!) The Kid-Tastic App allows you to serve those parents looking for care in specific blocks to part-time/full time care.

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Confirm each Booking and get paid immediately. Parents will submit Payment through the app for your service, so you don’t have to deal with money. This payment will be released directly to your bank account.

Kid-Tastic is driving business for providers and making it easy to manage their entire business, now online.

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When your center is featured in the mobile App, parents can easily find you, read reviews, view your availability and contact you directly.

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Kid-Tastic will help you set your provider profile, promote your availability and work with you to fill up those open vacancies.

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Kid-Tastic makes it easy to communicate with parents by instant message, manage and update your availability and collect payments instantly.

Kid-Tastic attracts parents seeking quality providers with availability

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