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Whether it be the daunting initial search, the stressful immediate need, a long-term change or a seasonal option, Kid-Tastic has you covered with quality child care options. Kid-Tastic has local professional providers on stand-by anytime, anywhere at any price.

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In the eyes of children, parents are truly heroic. They take care of all of life’s messy details and are still there to read a story and take care of the sniffles. But even heroes need a little help. Kid-Tastic helps parents spring into action anytime, anywhere ensuring their little ones are cared for on their terms and dime. Download Kid-Tastic and begin your search today.

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Begin your search for trusted providers in your area based on your own unique criteria.

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A family account containing details on each child, special needs and emergency details.

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Schedule instant child care with available quality providers for last minute plans or long term stays.

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Remain in constant communication with your care provider while your child is away.

When child care situations change, having a fall back can be a life saver.

Kid-Tastic is your trusted go-to resource to make any parent a hero when it comes to the needs of their children.

Kid-Tastic App Kid-Tastic App