FREE: Child Care Providers Can Find Prospective Parents During COVID-19 Pandemic


The child care industry supports millions of working parents. With no bailouts in sight yet, providers need all the help they can get to promote their hours and availability to families – especially if those hours change by the week. That is why during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kid-Tastic, a mobile app for finding and booking child care in real-time, is waving its subscription fees for providers and it’s booking fees for parents.

“There is an ongoing child care crisis in Milwaukee as essential workers need to get to their jobs and child care centers continue to shutter because of low attendance rates,” said Amanda Davis, a Milwaukee mom, entrepreneur, child care provider, and creator of the Kid-Tastic mobile app. “I want to share the Kid-Tastic platform to help providers and parents find each other immediately – free of charge.”

Davis owns Kid-Tastic Child Care in Milwaukee. In December, she launched a second business, also called Kid-Tastic, except this is a mobile app that offers instant scheduling and booking for child care. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Providers can sign-up to create a profile, connect a bank account to receive payment, and then keep their availability updated in real time (hours per day for specific age groups)
  2. Parents can search available providers in their designated area, message them in real time, see their availability, book and pay for care all instantly through the app. This does not replace a provider’s current enrollment process.
  3. The use of Kid-Tastic is free during the COVID-19 pandemic, however parents would still pay the provider their asking rates for care through the app.

Kid-Tastic is available for parents in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. It is currently offered exclusively to the Wisconsin market. Providers can head to here to create an account and access the provider portal.