Kid-Tastic app serving the needs of Providers and Parents in WI during the Coronavirus crisis


Kid-Tastic is a mobile app for finding and booking child care in real time. The app allows Parents to browse trusted child care centers in Wisconsin and schedule care for immediate and future dates without hours lost in browsing and contacting hundreds of centers.

On the Providers‘ side, the app allows each provider to adjust their availability in real-time and to set their prices per age, allowing parents to book and pay instantly to the provider without leaving the app. It also allows them to communicate with parents through a messaging system, and all this is given for FREE now. Provider Free Registration.

How the App Works

For ProvidersRegister your Center, add your availability and connect your bank account to receive bookings and payment automatically. You can also download the app on your phone (Apple Store or Google Play store) to see if your center is already listed.

For Parents – Download the Kid-Tastic App on your phone, search for a center near you, and book immediately. Availability is confirmed in less than 2 hours.

New Child Care App

We know Providers are on the front lines of the Coronavirus, and they are essential to support parents in need.

After Gov. Tony Evers ordered all K-12 schools across Wisconsin to shutter in an attempt to flatten the spread of the COVID-19, most child care centers fell the impact right away, if not affected in earlier weeks already.

It is public that the state Department of Children and Families is encouraging child care facilities to stay open as long as they can to support the needs of parents working in essential businesses. The Kid-Tastic mobile wants to help Providers and Parents by connecting centers with child care availability to parents with immediate needs in an easy way.

In a recent interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Amy Schwabe, where Kid-Tastic app founder and CEO Amanda Davis shared some of her concerns as a child care provider herself, and why she created this app to support Providers and Parents with childcare needs.

“I don’t think crisis is a big enough word right now,” Davis said.

Immediate, Open, Quality Child Care Is Hard to Find Today

“Many child care centers in Wisconsin do provide flexible care, in an educational setting, at an affordable price – but they aren’t always at the top of a Google search or they don’t have the exact availability a parent needs,” says Davis. “The Kid-Tastic mobile app brings centers like this together so parents can access them when needed, work with multiple centers to accommodate their schedule, book and pay immediately.”

Parents can search Kid-Tastic based on their own unique set of needs. When centers that fulfill that criteria appear, parents have the convenience of being able to see the center’s availability – no matter what time of day it is. Each family account contains details about each child, including medical and emergency contact information, to make working with a new center as quick and painless as possible.

Kid-Tastic Puts Parents in Control, and Back in the Workforce

“Parents working multiple shifts, adhering to strict workplace policies, or juggling care between family and a facility, want and need to be in control,” Davis says. With this app “finding, booking, and paying for child care on Kid-Tastic is as easy and secure as ordering a service online”.

If you are a Provider

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