Maintain a Positive Relationship with Parents

Many providers ask me what the key is to make parents happy and create positive energy around them.

I took some time to think of the top 3 tips that may help you start or improve a healthy and welcoming relationship with parents.

  1. Strong communication: It all starts from the minute they walk into your location for a site tour. They are curious and anxious to find the right fit for their children to develop and learn. Once they become a regular, keep them updated with monthly reports on their child including how well they are learning and socializing with others. Simply following up with their children’s success will create a personal connection.
  • Get to know them: Trust me; you will learn a lot from a child if you know their parents. By doing so, you get a better understanding of their child’s needs, wants, and ways to be more proactive. Once you get an understanding of the parents’ goals, it will help you implement them and keep you on task with what their parent’s priorities are.  
  • Be inviting: Many parents don’t know when an appropriate time is to give you their feedback and when they should be asking how your curriculum is going. In that case, let them know that they are always welcome to reach out if they have any concerns or questions. It’s always nice to ask parents in person if they would like to volunteer, chaperone or help out with any activities that your child center plans. This opens up a clear pathway to trust.

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