Get Out the Door Faster this Winter

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Winter can be one of the hardest seasons of the year, especially with an early morning schedule and kids to take care of. I would love to share with you some of my favorite tips to increase productivity in the morning and simple tricks to get the kids out the door faster and to school on time. As a mother, I know how stressful it can be to wake up and make sure the kids are dressed, packed, and fed all while being half asleep.

  1. Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Morning RoutineStop the Snooze Button (I know you want to press it, don’t!)

We all want and could use that extra 10 minutes of sleep, but how much of that time could you use taking a shower, dressing the kids, or serving up hot waffles? I find it helpful to always give yourself more than enough time to get ready in case any emergencies happen (lost shoe, orange juice spill, or unpredictable weather).

  • Stay Ahead of the Game

With more than one child it’s easy to forget and lose track of things to do in the morning to make sure the kids are on time for school and have everything they need. Prep the night before by thinking of an idea for breakfast, packing their lunches, collecting their jackets, boots, and backpacks and placing them by the door, and set out your child’s clothes.

  • Did Someone say Prize?

You could have your morning routine set in stone, but your children may not be on the same page as you and be reluctant to be on time. Sometimes a small incentive for toddlers, children, and young adults can help persuade them to be on time and work with you and not against you. If they are old enough and are ready before you are – offer a small incentive such as riding in the front seat. If their incentive is food, like most children, offer them an extra snack in their lunch or an after-school sweet. if they can seamlessly get ready with no hassle in the morning. 

  • Lists, Lists, and more Lists.

As a mom, I like to stay organized and creating lists is how I do so. It’s easy to create small tasks for your children to check off in the morning to make sure they don’t forget anything and help you manage their time. Some examples for a children’s list are:

  1. Make the bed
  2. Brush teeth and go to the bathroom
  3. Change clothes
  4. Brush hair
  5. Eat breakfast
  6. Shoes and jacket
  7. Backpack & homework
  8. Ready for school

Feel free to make a list for yourself in the morning too! We all can forget the little things when life starts getting hectic and busy.

From one parent to another, I truly hope these few tips and tricks have inspired you to improve your morning routine and create a more efficient and manageable household.

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