How to Prepare for a Child Care Tour of your Facility

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As school is approaching, I’m sure you’ve seen an increase in children enrollments and tours at your child care facility!

After giving over a hundred tours at my own facility I’ve learned how to successfully interact with parents who are interested in my child care business. With fall approaching, I wanted to share talking points that I have found important to share with parents. Read the tips below and learn how to make your facility stand out!

After participating in several tours, parents will be prepared and will arrive with many questions so it’s vital for you to know your facility extremely well or assign a certain person to be your facility expert or tour guide.

First impressions are everything

  • Make sure to greet parents /guardians at the door so they do not feel lost the moment they arrive at the door.
  • Your staff must be welcoming and able to answer administrative questions in case you are not able to greet them personally.
  • Offering a beverage is a great way to make your visitor feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Keep your classrooms clean, especially if you know a tour is scheduled that day. As a parent, it is reassuring to see a clean atmosphere for their children to play, eat and sleep in.

Know your facility well

  • The person giving the tour should know the qualifications and certificates of your center and staff members without looking at a handbook. Know if your center is licensed or simply a private (unlicensed facility). It’s also helpful to share the number of staff members who are First Aid and CPR certified or have a teaching degree/license.
  • Know the average staff to child ratio for your classrooms. Parents want to know the amount of attention and supervision their child will be receiving.
  • What is your center’s curriculum style? Do you offer additional learning experiences, field trips, recess/outdoor interaction, etc? Explain what an average day at your facility looks like with your lunch, nap, activity and/or visitation hours.
  • Does your facility close on certain holidays that potential parents should be aware of?

Make sure to stand out

  • If you’re interested in leaving a long-lasting impression – think about giving a gift to say thank you and that you’re appreciative of their time. Great examples with a simple logo on them would be a mug, cups, pens, notepads, etc. These small gifts will make someone feel special and create a connection between both parties.
  • Make sure to follow-up! Not only will this let parents know that you are extremely interested in working with them, but can also increase your leads. Set a reminder to follow-up a week after to see if they have additional questions or would like to meet again. A phone call, email or even a handwritten letter saying thank you for their time and consideration can go a long way!

I hope you learned something new and will implement these strategies at your next tour.

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